OCDSB Student Survey Going Ahead April 18-May 20

The OCDSB is proceeding with implementation of a district-wide student survey. Parents of children in grades K-6 will be asked to complete the survey at home, while students in grades 7-12 will complete the survey at school. Parents are reminded that participation in the survey is voluntary.  You can find out more information on the OCDSB's website.

Most Board and Committee Meetings are open to the public

OPEN encourages parents and other community members to consult the online meeting agendas and attend meetings whenever possible.  Public attendance demonstrates to trustees that parents are concerned about educational issues in our community.  

Meeting agendas are prepared in advance and published on the OCDSB website.  Members of the public can make delegations or ask public questions at Board and Committee meetings, but deadlines for submissions are enforced (see below).  Observers are not permitted to speak unless they are on the agenda, but are welcome to attend and listen to trustees discuss, debate and vote on a variety of issues.  Note: "in camera" sessions are not open to the public and will be indicated as such on the meeting agenda.

How to Appear as a Delegation or Ask a Question at a Meeting
Members of the public who would like to address the Board at a public meeting may do so as a delegation or through the public question period. To appear as a delegation, you must submit a written statement on your issue by 4:00 pm on the Thursday prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Your written statement will be included in the agenda package. At the beginning of each Board meeting, a maximum of 20 minutes will be allotted for delegations, with each delegation restricted to two minutes speaking time. As well, 15 minutes is allotted for questions from the public.  If you wish to ask a public question, you must register your name in advance at the meeting.